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How Tarot and Oracle Cards Can Be Used in Therapy

There are many different beliefs around the meaning of tarot and oracle cards. Some people believe tarot cards can be used to predict the future. Some people believe that tarot cards are evil, as pronounced by their religion.

Others, like myself, believe that tarot and oracle cards can be used as a tool to help us tap into our own intuition.

Tapping Into Our Own Intuition

We all have the ability to use our intuition. Intuition is that 'gut feeling' or sense of knowing that we have. We all have a gentle, soft voice within us that gives us suggestions about which way to turn, and what decisions to make. We need stillness and quiet, along with open mindedness, to hear it. We need trust and faith to actually listen to it and heed it's advice.

This voice inside of us, in my opinion, is the voice of our Higher Self. You could call it your soul. You could say it's the voice of Source, Spirit, of the Universe, of the Creator, of Consciousness, of God, depending on your belief system. Our Higher Selves know way more than our minds do. It takes in information from multiple sources, along with knowledge of our soul's path, and compiles it in milliseconds, like a supercomputer. When we are able to hear what our Higher Self is saying, and follow through on it's recommendations, we are on an aligned path. We make decisions that are in our best and highest good. We then make decisions that will result in the best and highest good for the collective.

How to Tap Into Your Intuition Using Tarot and Oracle Cards

Most people hear their intution, but don't trust it. When we believe that the message is coming from outside of us, it's generally more palatable and believable. This is a result of our own limiting beliefs about ourselves. We put more stock in other's opinions than our own. This is one way to work on learning how to trust ourselves and our own opinions more.

I use tarot and oracle cards in my practice as a therapist as a tool to help clients learn how to hear the voice of their intution. When I pull cards for clients, I let them know that I will be giving them the intuitive messages that come through me for them, along with the meanings of the cards, but that the words that they hear coming from themselves are the most important. The messages that come up for them about their lives in relation to the cards pulled are very potent, intuitive instructions. This is knowledge and wisdom that they already have within them. The cards allow those messages to come through in a powerful and memorable way.

Negative or Scary Messages, Dire Predictions

Some people are afraid that they will get negative or scary messages from the cards. My intention when I use cards, and I communicate this to clients, is that the messages are for their highest good only. Tarot and oracle cards can be interpreted in multiple ways. I always intend for messages from Spirit to be encouraging, uplifting and positive. Yes, sometimes there is acknowledgement of difficulty or sadness, but this is never a prediction of something bad happening in the future. The difficulty or sadness is always something that the client is already aware of. Messages are always intended to help clients to grow, learn and evolve. They are meant to help clients find their most authentic and most aligned path forward.

The voice of our Higher Self, or our intuition, is always encouraging. It is never harsh or judgemental. It might give us a gentle warning if we are headed down a path that is not in our highest good, but it will always support us in learning what we need to learn from that experience. This is why being able to tap into and listen to our intution is such a great skill. It can save us a lot of grief! But, again, it's all learning anyway and your Higher Self never judges.

Combining Card Readings and Traditional Therapy

It is, of course, up to the client whether or not cards are used at all in a therapy session. Some people prefer longer readings within a session. Some people prefer a closing card at the end of the session to get a final takeaway message. By the way, nine times out of ten, the closing card is a summary of the work we just completed in session. It's amazing how powerful it is!

Part of being on this spiritual path as humans is to do the work of healing wounds that we have incurred from our families of origin. We are also doing the work of healing ancestral patterns that have been passed down to us. There are many different ways to work through this process. I love incorporating traditional talk therapy techniques and more spirituality based strategies to help people. There is a wealth of wisdom and insight available to us through our intution. Tarot and oracle cards are a wonderful tool that can be used to uncover that valuable information and help us on the path to healing.

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