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Choose What Resonates For You

"Renee is a compassionate, insightful, and skilled therapist.  She created a safe and non-judgemental space to help me explore my emotions and internal thought processes.  I am very grateful for the tools she provided me to help navigate life's challenges." -CN



I provide holistic therapy services for adults and older teens (16 and up).

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, life transitions or trauma recovery, this is the service for you.

I will help you to feel like your best self again through strength based, client centered, collaborative conversation. I use a variety of techniques depending on your goals and learning style. I specifically like to focus on Family of Origin wounds, called core wounds, and our original attachment experiences. We can do inner child work around these experiences if that fits for your goals.

Spiritual Path Guidance

I provide holistic Spiritual Path Guidance for adults.

If you are on your Spiritual Journey and need help understanding the awakening process, how to access your Higher Self, angels, ancestors or become closer to Spirit, then this service is for you.

I will help you learn how to use your intuition and manifestation abilities more effectively to live a joyful, connected, fulfilling life.

You will find this service particularly enlightening if you consider yourself to be an Empath, Lightworker, or Healer.

I will use some 'traditional' therapy techniques to help with inner child work and reparenting if that is part of your healing journey.

I use oracle and tarot cards to help bring you intuitive messages from your Higher Self.

Healing Stones

Intuitive Card Reading

I provide Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings to adults 18 years and over.

I use cards and my own intuitive knowing to help you use energies to your advantage. I help you to tap into your heart and your own connection to Spirit to find the answers you are seeking.

If you want an intuitive perspective on the challenges and opportunities in your life, then this service is for you.

Short card readings are also included in Therapy Sessions and Spiritual Guidance Sessions.

Phone and video call appointments work just as well as in person appointments.

Starting Points

This is a self-guided program that covers 6 common therapy topics to get you started on your healing journey. If you've never been to therapy before and just want a taste of what therapy might be like, this program will help you. 

You can choose the full 6 session program, or you can try individual sessions that pertain more to you at this time.

Each session includes an oracle card reading video, if you are interested in that aspect of my practice. There is also a full oracle and tarot card reading included (Session 7).

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